Patronaat w/ Ink Bomb & The Real Danger

November 1st we'll be teaming up with Ink Bomb and The Real Danger to form The Real Ink Stage Banter Danger Bomb that will rock your socks off in multiple colors with additional comments and collatoral hazards. Still with us? If you lost it there then catch up with us in the Patronaat café where we will be kicking off a yet to become memorable evening so if you're suffering from severe FOMA like the majority of folks these days it seems then you have to be there. Really! And we might even sell yellow/orange/red colored disks under the table. Won't tell you what they're for, if you want to know then drop by, entrance is free!

Thursday, 31 October 2019, 23:27 Jeremy Jongepier

Vinyl has arrived

This week our records were delivered. And they look even better than we had hoped. The blood we donated to give the marbled vinyl its red tones came out beautifully. We could look at it aaaaaaaaaallll the time and not even listen to it. Nah, we managed to look through the stellar artwork and eyeball-popping marbled vinyl and gave it a good whirl and it sounds ace. You could glare at it at our coming show at the Patronaat where it will be displayed in an impenetrable glass box and we'll start selling it at our release show in the Asgard. But maybe if you ask kindly we might sell it beforehand under the table for 10 bucks without telling anyone. Don't even dare put it on Discogs immediately, we will track you down!

Thursday, 31 October 2019, 09:52 Jeremy Jongepier

Upcoming show! w/ Ink Bomb @ J.C. de Dukdalf

Awesome show coming up with the lovely bands Ink Bomb and Rebel Radio! This is going to be a punkrock extravaganza of epic proportions! See you guys Oktober 19th at J.C. de Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf!

Friday, 4 October 2019, 07:46 Ben de Groot

Impending Doom

Another track off our upcoming EP! Impending Doom! We've got a couple gigs coming up before the release show so check out the shows section below, we might play a show near you! For bookings contact or contact us through one of our social media channels. For now we hope you enjoy the track and see you at the show!

Thursday, 26 September 2019, 23:25 Ben de Groot

Title track "Tightrope Walking" released

There you go, the title track of our upcoming EP!💪💥 Because we can't wait 'till November 8th when it'll be released, we thought we trow this one online. Hope you guys and galls like it! Feel free to share and leave a comment. You can download the track for free over at our bandcamp page.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 10:53 Bert Hekman