Release party: the aftermath

What a party it was. It was loud, slippery, hot, sweaty, alcoholic and the vibe was just so positive, so good. Thanks everybody for showing up and for creating such a great atmosphere, thanks Rocket Fuel and Sun-O-Bathers for their support, thanks North Empire and Asgard for facilitating this bunch of lost causes.

And for all those who are wondering what Stage Banter actually means, Sun-O-Bathers demonstrated it very aptly. So I'm actually banting now? On stage? Yep. Inspiration was taken from a pre-YouTube 45 minute mp3 titled "Having Fun On Stage With Fugazi" that is like the epitome of stage banter, the Fugazi guys were masters in it rambling about icecream eating motherfuckers and MTV pieces of shit. A classic. You can still find the original here:

Photos are stills taken from possible upcoming footage.

Sunday, 10 November 2019, 13:58 Jeremy Jongepier